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Unwinding at the end of the day is a ritual for me. My evening routines are something I genuinely look forward to— it makes me feel pampered, helps encourage rest, and sets me up for a productive next day.

If you read my Morning Rituals blog post, then you already know how much I believe in the power of a good routine. I also talk more about the importance of encouraging rest here.

I truly believe that implementing morning and evening routines is essential for creating balance and connection between the body and mind. The key to creating routines that last is to take small sustainable steps that you can repeat daily and naturally integrate into your life. You don’t have to go out of your way and shake up your entire life to adopt healthy habits that will stick. Add more good stuff to your day, and don’t worry about the rest. We sometimes like to over complicate things, when really, simplicity can be much more effective. I don’t know about you guys, but when so much different information and content is being thrown at me, or I’m being told I need to completely change in order to achieve something, I get overwhelmed and already want to give up. Instead, I think it’s more effective and natural to find what habits work best for you, integrate those habits into your daily life, repeat, and shift as needed. You know your body best!

You know I’m always here to share and make conversation, and today I’m spilling a few simple rituals I personally like to implement into my evenings that help me unwind. Some evenings I might only need to do #2, #4, and #5, while other nights I might do #2, #3, and #4, etc. At the end of the day, these 5 rituals I’m sharing are ones I can always turn to. I will mention, I can’t go to sleep without #2 and #4! They are my non-negotiable evening rituals.

1. ACUPRESSURE MAT: If you follow me on Insta, then you already know I love using my acupressure mat in the evenings! These spiky mats [aka bed of nails] are great for encouraging relaxation and relieving muscle pain. The first time I laid on one I was SOLD. I personally found that it really helped encourage that mind-body connection I need in the evenings to help me relax. This practice has also been really effective for relieving my neck pain with regular use, which ultimately helps me sleep better because who wants to sleep with neck pain? If you’re looking for natural tools to help you unwind in the evenings, an acupressure mat is a good one to consider.

2. FACIAL MASSAGE: You guys, if you haven’t used a facial massage roller of some sort, you’re missing out! Facial rollers are a great tool to use in the evenings to help increase relaxation. I love using my favourite serums and jade roller in the evenings to help me unwind. The jade roller is a massage tool made for the face that helps shape the face, eases facial tension, and penetrates facial products deeper into the skin. I find it so relaxing to use, and it makes my skin feel amazing. I like to give myself time with my skin care and use my simple massage tool and techniques to help me unwind. If I just wash my face and jump right into bed, sometimes I feel more awake than rested. I like to wash my face with a calming cleanser then apply a good layer of my evening serum to my skin and use my jade roller to really penetrate the product into my skin while massaging my face in upward motions. Applying a good layer of your favourite evening serums or moisturizers helps the jade roller glide more effortlessly. This little ritual really helps me relax and unwind for bed. Sometimes I’ll go lay on my acupressure mat after I’ve done all my skin care to help further increase relaxation. There are so many tutorials on YouTube that do a great job of explaining how to use facial massage tools if you’ve never used one before and are curious!

3. WHITE NOISE: At a comfortable level, white noise can help induce sleep if you’re having a hard time catching those Zzz’s. White noise is the signal created when several frequencies are combined, and since white noise includes all audible frequencies, there are times we hear it in our environment without even realizing. White noise can be heard as rain falling, ocean waves, soft buzzing, etc. I’m a light sleeper who is sensitive to noise, however, white noise changed my sleep so much! I find it to be very soothing and calming. I also get occasional tinnitus, and I find white noise really helps mask the ringing I hear in my ears from time to time. White noise has a sound-masking effect that makes a steady noise, which ultimately helps drown out other noises that can cause disturbances in sleep. You can use white nose apps, white noise machines, or you can make a playlist of sounds that are soothing and steady!

4. ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLER BOMBS: I love using essential oil roller bombs before bed. I am not kidding you, I drown myself in my essential oils! Lately I’m using Saje Wellness Sleep Well roller in the evenings. I roll it all over my forehead, under my nose, all over my neck, my arms, and literally everywhere. It smells amazing! When I’m congested and can’t sleep, I like to use a peppermint roller under my nose so I can breathe more easy— it’s also very calming. Essential oil rollers are so versatile, day or night, and I find the calming ones to be very effective in the evenings for helping me unwind. I get so excited to wind down because I can’t wait to roll calming essential oils all over my life!

5. BOOK + TONIC: You guys… I LOVE this combo. If you follow my Insta Stories then you definitely have seen me share my morning and evening drinks plentiful times. Making a nourishing drink and grabbing a good book to read while sipping it is such a great way to unwind— I find reading to be very relaxing! It helps get my mind off the day and focuses my thoughts on something more relaxing. When it comes to evening tonics, these are a few of my favs:

When it comes to reading, I personally opt for something inspirational or educational. It helps me regain focus, rid my thoughts from the day, and relaxes my mind and body.

Do you have any evening rituals that help you wind down? Comment below to share and thanks for popping by!

Jenna XO

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