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The up and down lines on a cardiogram are an indication that the heart is beating and the body is alive. In contrast, a flatline on a cardiogram is an indication that the heart is not active, and… well… the opposite. With that analogy, we really should have some sort of appreciation for the up and down intervals of life, because it means we are living— making mistakes, learning, growing, and moving forward into our life.

The truth is, life isn’t perfect for anyone. As my dad always tells me “you don’t know what happens behind closed doors.” It’s a good reminder that you are only seeing and hearing what people want you to see and hear. So don’t be fooled, nobody has it perfect and not everyone is sharing their low-lights. All the ups have there downs, and vise-versa— it’s what makes us HUMAN.

I would definitely say I dream big, I’m not perfect, and I work hard toward my goals every single day. With a full plate of responsibilities and places to be comes physical and mental effort, along with the work that needs to be complete in order for me to keep moving forward and make progress. In my experience, when I’m feeling off [in a mood or down] it causes a domino effect of me getting nothing done. I’ve come to learn that the only way to turn things around and move forward into anything is by letting go of the things that weigh me down and hold me back. Easier said than done, I know! Letting go is challenging, but it’s SO freeing. I truly believe that letting go of the emotions, people, and places that don’t allow you to grow can have such a positive impact on your life and progress. It has for me anyways. I’m intentional about filtering out the noise in my head and surroundings that diverts my focus and disturbs my peace— it helps me stay in my lane and keep on track.

I know many things in life will throw me off and go beyond my control, but it’s important to snap out of it sooner than later. I think it’s healthy to embrace our feelings and have our moments, but do what you need to do and then GET BACK UP and believe in yourself! I’m not here to say I have the answers like a professional, I am just here to let you know I get it. Life has its ups and downs, things can feel hard, and I just want to let you know that it doesn’t have to stay that way. You have the power to change your perspective and move forward, and you are never stuck.

I understand some days might feel harder to snap out of it than other days [been there!], so today I wanted to share a few simple, but powerful, actions I turn to that personally help me let go and snap out of it so I can get back to my focus:

1. GET OUTSIDE IN NATURE: Connection with nature is nurturing for the body, mind, and soul. Try taking a scenic walk next time your in need of a mood boost. Evidence suggests that exposure to nature can have positive effects on mood and help people recover from mental stress and fatigue (source). I personally find nature to be very restorative— it gets me on my feet, helps me focus in on my breath, gets my blood pumping while I walk, and energizes my brain. It’s also a way I spend time on my own and really process how I am feeling. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air to clear your mind! Exposure to nature, as opposed to a city environment, has been associated with psychological and physical benefits. Self-reported emotions were generally improved following activities that were specifically in nature when compared to the same activities being done in a city environment (source).

2. DIFFUSE THE AIR: Turning on a diffuser with your favourite essential oils is an instant mood game changer. I love adding drops of my favourite diffuser blends to my diffuser every morning when I wake up, and every evening as I wind down, it’s a ritual! When I’m feeling off, I usually aim for those calming blends so that every inhale is like a breath of calm— think lavender, geranium, bergamont, Holy Basil, Frankincense. I like to take a moment, whether it be 5 minutes or 15 minutes, to sit near my diffuser and just breath. Sometimes I’ll make a hot beverage, like a nourishing tea or turmeric latte, or pour myself a glass of water and just sit on my own somewhere comfortable in my home with my diffuser, allowing myself to let go of what’s weighing me down with every breath. It helps me relax my mind and regain clarity.

3. PODCASTS, TUNES: Listening to either podcasts or music that inspires me is so good for my soul, especially when I’m feeling off. There is something about jazz music in particular that really eases my mind, it gives me a sense of calm and comfort. I’ve recently been loving the “Lofi Hip Hop Music – Beats to Relax and Study to” on Spotify! I think it’s a great feel-good playlist. If there is a particular style of music that puts you in a good state of mind then I think you should blast it! If you already listen to podcasts, then you likely know why I think they are a great tool to turn to for a mood boost. When you find podcasts that align with who you are, or you hear a podcast episode that you can relate to, it can feel very inspiring and totally shift your mental focus.

A few podcasts I personally enjoy off the top of my head:

  • Wabi Sabi The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast – Candice Kumai
  • The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast – Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick
  • The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes
  • Almost 30 Podcast – Krista & Lindsey
  • SuperSoul Conversations – Oprah Winfrey
  • The Kevin Rose Show – Kevin Rose
  • The Time Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss

If you have any podcast recommendations [health/wellness/lifestyle, entrepreneur life, food/nutrition] leave a comment below so I can check them out. Do you listen to any of the ones I mentioned in the list above? Also comment any feel-good music playlists you enjoy so I can check them out too!

4. READ A BOOK: I find reading to be so grounding. It gets my mind off of things that aren’t serving my purpose, which in turn helps me relax and gain perspective again— it’s like a mini vacation for the mind. I like to pick up books that reflect my personal interests or books that are related to my studies because it helps me feel inspired again and brings me back to my focus and passion. Others like to get captivated by a good story line in a novel to help shift their mental focus— you do you!

Thank you for reading today’s post. What are some actions you take when you need to elevate your mood or snap out of a funk? Are any of my 4 actions similar to yours? Or ones you might try next time you’re in need? Leave a comment below to share, I hope you have an amazing day!

Jenna XO

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