Luna Bronze self tanning products and a tanning mitt.

Two words, big results— Luna Bronze. Their self-tanning products are serious…ly amazing! When I discover a product that aligns with TNB values, I have to share all the details!

A tan makes me feel glowing, radiant, and confident in my skin. My skin gets super pale and dull in the fall/winter months, which makes self-tanning lotion an essential beauty product I like to have on hand. I would definitely call myself a conscious sun worshiper— I’m super cautious of how much time I spend in direct sunlight as I like to baby my skin. When I was younger I would spends hours frying myself in the sun just to achieve the “perfect” tan, which often turned out to be more like the perfect burn. Fast-forward to my adult years and my skin has been paying for all of the sun damage debt I’ve accumulated. I’ve been doing everything to reverse the sun damage I caused myself, and let’s just say I am super thankful for how advanced laser treatments have become in reducing and reversing skin damage.

Since I like to take care of my skin, avoiding direct sunlight for long periods of time is crucial. However, I still want an effortless, natural, glowing tan… and I want it ALL YEAR LONG. Okay you guys, this is where Luna Bronze enters into my life and solves all my self-tanning problems. I’m all for sharing beauty products that fall under the wellness category over here— and Luna Bronze is ranking high on my list of products to share for good reason! It’s clean, natural, simple, skin-nourishing, and sunless.

Don’t get me wrong here, I do enjoy getting out in the sunshine and soaking up that vitamin D, but I am also fully aware of the negative affects overexposure to ultra violet (UV) rays has on the body, which makes me conscious of the amount of time I spend in direct sunlight. UV rays can seriously compromise our skin health by causing various forms of UV-induced skin damage. According to a 2016 study, recreational sun exposure accounts for a large number of acute and chronic dermatological diseases, including skin cancer. That said, another scientific article explains how UV has mixed effects on human health because it’s important for synthesis of vitamin D and endorphins in the skin. Nonetheless, excessive exposure to UV rays carries profound health risks, including atrophy, pigmentary changes, wrinkling and malignancy. It’s like food, a healthy balance is key— everything in moderation.

Let’s talk product details, because that’s what we are here for. Luna Bronze products provide a clean and natural glow without the sun. There’s no funny business, no nasty chemical smells, and no fussy application when it comes to their products. The formula has been refined to perfection, and I’m obsessed with their packaging— it’s so minimal and simple, just like the product itself. Luna Bronze is big on keeping beauty simple, eco-friendly for the planet, and clean. Did I mention it’s organic and vegan-friendly too? Oh, and that’s not it either, their products include enriching essential oils that are naturally-derived, EcoCert® DHA and high-grade ingredients. I’m going to get even more specific because application tips are key! I’m not just going to tell you a product is amazing and leave it at that. The application process with self-tanner is key because it can make or break your results no matter how great the product is. So let’s get to my top 3 steps for applying this glowy goodness!

STEP 1: Make sure you exfoliate your body head to toe and do any shaving before applying self-tanning lotion to your skin. Exfoliation is key for sloughing off dry skin as self tanner will sink in to areas that are dry and causes unevenness— it also helps remove dirt, oil, and anything that might cause a barrier between the product and your skin. I would personally do any shaving the day before because sometimes products can have a difficult time sticking to a freshly shaved/waxed surface. I will usually do any shaving the day before, then when I am ready to apply self tanner the next day I will quickly shower off prior to application to make sure my skin is clean.

STEP 2: For application, you want to make sure you are completely dried off and do not have any moisturizer on your skin. Tanning product needs a clean and dry surface to work its magic on. The LB tanning mitt is 100% necessary in my opinion for an effortless, easy, and even application— it’s the best tanning mitt I’ve ever used! I like to begin application starting at the bottom working my way up, and I like to apply it in sections. I personally avoid applying any self-tanning lotion/mousses to my face— I just use a darker foundation or moisture tint that matches my tan. That said, I recently tried out the Luna Bronze Illume Tanning Mist specifically created for the face and it’s actually amazing and leaves the skin super glowy! I would definitely recommend trying it out.

STEP 3: Give yourself a few minutes to dry, and wear something baggy and loose after you’ve completed your self-tanning application. Let the product sit on the skin for at least 6 to 8 hours before showering. I like to apply self-tanner on days that I don’t have a lot going on, and I do it twice a week! Typically a Sunday evening and Thursday evening sort of schedule. I would suggest making your self tanning day a day where you have some downtime for the absolute best results. I like to look at it as a self-care practice— I’ll apply my self-tanner, throw on my baggy comfy pajamas and do some reading, studying, blogging, or catch up on one of my fav shows.

The very first time I tried Luna Bronze it was flawless! I found the product to apply evenly without any streaking, and I was shocked because I feel like it can take a few application sessions before you can get to know the ins and outs of a self-tanning product. For this product to be amazing on the first try says it all for me. Not to mention, the application felt effortless and the product develops into such a rich, glowy, and beautiful looking tan. For those of you out there looking for the perfect self-tanning product that’s also conscious, Luna Bronze is 100% worth considering. I have tried each of their products and they’re all amazing. Eclipse is a personal favourite of mine for that deep rich tanned look— it’s a mousse product that’s super easy to lather and it comes in a pump bottle. I’m also loving the face mist too!

Amanda, the founder/skin master over at Raw Canvas Skin Bar and distributor of Luna Bronze in Canada put’s it into perfect words in her interview with Luna Bronze when she explains “It is so important to preserve our youthful healthy canvas and if we can still get that bronzed glow with all natural products why would we even need to expose ourselves to the horrible UV rays. Everyone still wins!”

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have you used self-tanner before? What have your experiences been like? Have you tried Luna Bronze? Comment below to share all the details. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for popping by to read today’s post!

Jenna XO


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