OUR WEDDING – 11/25/2017

This weekend is our one year wedding anniversary! Seriously, where does the time go? I honestly have no clue…

I could not be more excited to share a glimpse of our wedding through some beautifully captured photos with you today. Additionally, I thought I would share some details from our day.

This is not a typical blog post for me, so bare with me. I might not be the best at being super specific, but I will do my best! I personally found reading through other people’s wedding blog posts to be quite helpful and inspiring during our planning process. I had a lot of fun putting this post together, it took me for a walk down memory lane and filled me with so much happiness. These captured moments are memories I will cherish forever. If you want a closer look at any of the photos throughout this post, just click on them!

My husband and I love the fall and winter months, so we did not hesitate when we decided to have a November wedding— it’s our favourite time of year! The theme was a combination of whimsical, rustic, romantic, and garden greenery (if that makes any sense). It felt very cozy and dreamy.

The wedding venue we ended up using decorates for the Christmas season toward the end of November, which was such a bonus! They had already decorated their building for the season by our wedding date— there were beautifully lit Christmas trees and garland everywhere that complimented our theme perfectly. I mean… we got married between two Christmas trees… and if you know me well enough, then you know I was stoked!


To give you an idea of the day, we did a “first look” at 1:30pm followed by wedding party photos that took until 3:30pm (prior to our ceremony). Our wedding was an evening celebration which started at 4:00pm and went until 5:00pm, with the reception to follow from 6:30pm until midnight. We did our family photos between 5:00pm and 6:00pm, during this time the open bar started up and appetizers were being served to our guests while they waited for the reception to commence. The reception started around 6:15pm, and to keep it short, the night flew by from then on!

Wedding day’s and timelines don’t always go exactly as planned, and THAT’S OKAY. Just go into it with that in mind, and you won’t be let down. Some things will take longer, while other things take much less time. We completely forgot to do our bouquet and garter toss (whoops), but that’s all good! It is important to try and enjoy your day as much as possible and to not sweat the small stuff.


We did our first look at one of our favourite date day locations. It’s called Osprey Village and is located in Pitt Meadows, BC. There is a beautiful river there where we met each other for the first time that day. These photos bring back all the feels!

The vendors we used were all from the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, and they were honestly amazing and really helped us pull the day off as stress free as possible. The only vendor I was not super pleased with was our DJ, so I will not be mentioning their company. If music is important to you, and you love to dance, your DJ is worth the investment in my humble opinion. I LOVE dancing, and when I look back I really wish I spent more time researching a better DJ. Having said that, anything that is super important to you is worth the investment in my opinion.

We had 14 months to plan our wedding which I found to be the perfect amount of time to prepare. Writing things down and organizing them into a document makes the planning process so much easier. We used Google Sheets for all of our organizing and budgeting.

I balanced things out by organizing what was most important to us (i.e. photographer, venue, food, etc…) along with what was not as important to us (i.e. specialty chair covers, specialty drinks that are more costly, anything we could make on our own, etc…). My mom and dad made the wooden bases for the table centerpieces, glittered tons of pine cones for decor, plus they canned a ton of jam for our favours. My cousin from Swirl Creative did our favour stickers for the top of the jam, some signage print outs, and our save the date/invite/thank you cards. It was all such a big help!


Swan E Set Bay Resort & Country Club

I loved this venue the second I walked up to it! It looks like a castle on the outside. On it’s own without any decor it is stunning inside, so I knew it would be simple and easy to decorate for our wedding. The inside looks Victorian, which is what made me fall in love with it instantaneously. It was all very dreamy. I loved that this venue also caters their events, it keeps things easy and this way I could avoid hiring an external catering company. We had quite a range of menus to choose from which was great, and we were able to swap a few items in and out. The food was amazing! The venue also has a coordinator for you who helps you organize your wedding and makes sure your big day runs as smoothly and stress free as possible. The one thing I will mention that was a disappointment was the cab service. The venue is at the end of a very long road that goes deep into Pitt Meadows, and cabs started to refuse to show up toward the later hours of the night. Almost everyone managed to get cabs home, but there were a few groups of people left at the end of the night with no cab showing up. God bless my parents for driving those people safely home because how awful! We were never told that this has been an issue before, but just to give you a heads up, if you are ever looking into this venue (or any venue) get some clarification on the cab services.



Cakes n’ Sweets Bakery

Cakes n’ Sweets is an adorable local bakery in our neighbourhood that also offers a cute high tea. We had been to this bakery a couple times before because their goods are so delicious, especially their macarons. I knew I wanted a macaron tower with our wedding cake, and when I found out they do both I was sold! I arranged with our florist to add some greenery to our cake and the bakery was very accommodating about making that happen. All in all they made the cake experience deliciously easy! We had a budget in mind for our cake and expressed that to them from the get go and they were very helpful in making our vision come to life while remaining within our budget.


Cinderella Slipons

I knew I wanted to leave most of the decor in someone else’s hands. We wanted oursleves and our family members to be doing as little as possible on our wedding day so we could all just enjoy it together. For me, having a decor person helped make that happen. Tracy from Cinderella Slipons was honestly so amazing and sweet! We met up to go over decor, the theme, and talked about budget. She knew exactly what I had in mind when we were going over theme ideas and decor and was super willing to make things work within our budget. She was very accommodating and is genuinely passionate about what she does! I had some homemade decor items that she had no problem setting up for us, which was so kind of her. I dropped any homemade decor items at the venue the day before the wedding for her, and she did such an amazing job with making everything come together. She also came back to the venue at the end of the night to take everything down which made things even more easy for us.


Mads n Daev

The photographers we used are the cutest! I love their work. Both of them are very down to earth, and amazing at their job. They are fantastic at keeping cool, because let’s be real, photographing a wedding has got to be one of the most stressful jobs! They also filmed our wedding for us and did such a great job, plus they did our engagement photos. Check out some of their documented love stories on their Instagram page @MadsnDaev, it will give you all the feels!



If you have not heard of Floralista located in Fort Langley, you must check her out! She is the flower queen. You should see her work, it is gorgeous! She can honestly pull off anything and make it look better than you imagined. Check out her Instagram @Floralista to see some of her amazing work. As soon as I discovered her, I knew she would be doing my wedding flowers one day (this was before I was even engaged). She’s also such a kind person who genuinely loves what she does. Deciding on flowers was one of the funnest things. She had them delivered the morning of the wedding and I was stunned at how beautiful our arrangements turned out. I really wanted the men to have succulent boutonnieres, and she made it happen with no problem.


West Coast Heart Designs

The seating chart was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest of a chalk board seating chart that had beautiful greenery on it. I found a local girl who is absolutely amazing at making beautiful seating charts and writing on signage! If you click the link above it will send you to her Instagram page where she shows all of her beautiful work.


Swanybooth Vancouver

I couldn’t not have a photobooth! It makes the night so much fun and guests really enjoy it! It gets pretty silly to say the least. Swanybooth prints the images right away for you to grab, but they also give you a link to all of the images from your night, which is so much fun to look back on. Photobooth photos make for the best kind of photos. Looking back on some of the photos and seeing my parents throw on goofy props with our friends was too funny. It made for some awesome memories!



Time Limousine

We rented a limo service just for the time leading up to the ceremony. They came on time and everything went smoothly. The limo first picked up the groom and groomsmen then dropped them all at our first look location, then the limo came up to get all of us ladies and dropped us off at the first look location to meet the men. After the first look and photo taking, the limo dropped us at the venue for the ceremony and was done for the day. I don’t think a limo service is super necessary, there are other means of transport, especially if you have a smaller group of people. However, it was really fun for all of us to be together in one vehicle celebrating on our way to the wedding ceremony.



Mink Makeup & Hair 

I hired a mobile hair and makeup team to come to my mother-in-laws where all of us ladies were getting ready that morning. They came at 8AM and we were out the door by 1PM. We all went for softer looks and wavy hair, that definitely got completely blown out because we did photos outside after our first look prior to the wedding ceremony. If you are doing your photos before the ceremony, don’t forget to have hair tools handy to touch up! We completely forgot to bring ours, the morning happened so quickly!


Our wedding party was all family plus our two best friends who are considered family to us. All of our bridesmaids and groomsmen were married to each other (except our two best friends) which made things extra special.



I went for a simple, soft, vintage inspired look for myself. My dress was lace with beaded detail, but to be completely honest with you I do not remember all the ins and outs of my dress, other than it was made by Kenneth Winston. I will link the details here though! I found this dress at a bridal dress shop here in Vancouver, BC after a wedding show had just taken place and all the dresses from the runway were on display for that weekend at various wedding dress shops. I lucked out and found a Spring 2018 dress straight off the runway. I highly suggest having a budget in mind before you walk into a dress shop, and be clear about your budget so the person helping you pull dresses that can accommodate you and show you what is within your price range. For my shoes, ha… I took them off and changed into white Nike’s as soon as the reception started because I was so done. I am not used to wearing heels for long hours, it does not matter how comfortable they are. It is not a natural feeling for me. My wedding shoes were a gift from my hubby and were Badgley Mischka Rogue Pumps in Ivory colour. My accessories were quite simple, aside from my engagement and wedding rings I wore a pair of dangling diamond earrings with pearls and a thick diamond bracelet as a statement piece, which were both also gifted to me. I decided to not go with a necklace only because I felt like it was too much (for me personally) with the dress I was wearing and my other accessories. I don’t normally wear a ton of jewelry, I like minimal statement pieces. I also wore a faux fur wrap that I borrowed from my sister-in-law, but it did not last long. It kind of gets in the way, but it looks so whimsical and romantic and was worth the few photos I got in it!


My bridesmaids had a very soft, romantic, and whimsical look. I knew I wanted soft pastel colours for their dresses, and that I did not want their dresses to match. We all pull off styles differently and my main priority was for my ladies to feel comfortable and beautiful. It can be challenging trying to pick one style dress for 5 different people. We managed to find all of the bridesmaid dresses at Davids Bridal, and I managed to find faux fur wraps for them to wear as well on Amazon (of all places).


Let’s be honest, not a ton of detail goes into the groom and groomsmen looks. My hubby wore a deep charcoal grey suit with a white button up and a shiny silver tie. I wanted the men in charcoal because I felt like charcoal was a little softer and less harsh than wearing black suits, but that is just my opinion. We all have different taste! The charcoal suits also complimented the ladies looks very nicely.


The groomsmen wore rental suits from Black and Lee Tuxedo & Suit Rental. They were a very easy company to deal with, it was quite straight forward. There are a few different Black & Lee locations throughout the Vancouver area which makes it convenient for getting your suit fitted at a location nearby. The groomsmen wore lighter charcoal suits with ivory button ups and champagne ties to be set a part from the grooms look.


Our niece and nephew were the flower girl and ring bearer. They were so adorable! We found the flower girl dress at Hudson’s Bay and the ring bearer suit at Gymboree of all places. They both did so well walking down the aisle, they were only 2 years old!


We are both so blessed to have such amazing, selfless, loving, and caring angel mother’s to raise us. They looked absolutely stunning at our wedding, I loved both of their looks that they chose. Their looks were both very classy yet glam with their shiny jewels, mesh, and lace. Mother of the Bride dresses are so much fun to shop for!


Okay, I won’t deny I am totally a dad’s girl! My dad is my bff, we are honestly ride or dies. He was my coach in sports, my coach in life, my baking and cooking buddy, my running buddy (we trained for and ran half marathons together back in the day). He is loaded with some of the best, most realistic advice ever. I trust him with everything. Okay, but can we just talk about the socks (photo below) I had made as one part of his gift?! I was looking for meaningful gift ideas and came across this sock idea on Etsy and was so excited!


If you made it this far, thank you and I hope you enjoyed this post! Like I mentioned above, I had so much fun putting this post together. If I did not give enough clarity or detail on any specific parts of this blog post, or you have any questions at all, just leave me a comment below. I hope you have a wonderful day!

One thought on “OUR WEDDING – 11/25/2017

  1. Absolutely beautifully put together! Reading through your post and seeing the amazing photos felt like we were taken back in time to that amazing day full of love! So proud of how you pulled this beautiful wedding together ❤ xox


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