Living in the moment is a tough one, which is why I’m sharing some easy mindful practices with you today. In today’s fast-paced technology world where everything is at our hands, it’s especially important to practice mindfulness.

Becoming more mindful helps you be more engaged with others, eat slower, move better, think smarter, and appreciate the moment. Mindful practice helps you become aware of your mind when it slips away, which is especially important on those busy days when you might have all kinds of tasks at hand and your mind is all over the place. As a busy individual myself with a lot on the go, small mindful practices make a huge difference in how I carry out my day and how I feel mentally, physically, and emotionally. Having said that, let’s get to my 5 easy mindful practices!


When you first wake up take a few moments to yourself. Take some deep inhales and long exhales and let yourself just BE before your phone and tasks take your attention away. Take a moment to really scan your body from your head to your toes. Did you sleep well? Are you sore? When you do get out of bed and begin your morning routine, really concentrate on your movement and how you are feeling while you get yourself ready for the day. Pay attention to the little things, like the way you brush your teeth and wash your face.


It’s so easy to zone out during your commute. Pay attention to the way you are sitting in your vehicle, how’s your posture? In transit people often throw in their headphones and zone out. Take a few moments during your commute to check in with yourself, notice your surroundings, and pay attention to the way the train or bus is moving. If you have headphones in try switching things up and listen to a mindful podcast, or calming meditation music.


Mindful eating helps your mind become more in tune with your hunger levels. Often times people are eating while distracted at their computers, on their phones, or running errands. It’s important to eat sitting at a table and to really chew your food without any distractions. Chew slowly and focus on the tastes and textures of the food you are eating. Distracted eating can lead to poor food choices, overeating, and indigestion.


Pay attention to your body during exercise. Focus on your posture, movement, and form. Be present and go through each motion fully instead of trying to get the workout over with. Pay attention to your breathing while you move your body, are you holding your breath through movements or breathing them through?


When your head hits the pillow, take a few moments to breathe and do a body scan. Calm your mind, clear any negativity, and let go of any stress that’s weighing on you. A calm and clear mind is important for a better nights rest. A few of my favourite ways to clear my mind of negativity and release stress is by diffusing the air with essential oils and using the Head Space meditation app. It’s amazing what even just 5 minutes of mediation can do for your body, mind, and spirit.

These are a few ways I practice mindfulness in my day. What sort of mindful practices do you incorporate into your day? I would love to hear! Leave your mindful tips in the comments below.

Jenna XO

Photo by @lovecraftphotography

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