Post summer, fall, and winter holiday’s are a few times in the year my body craves a reboot. These seasons in particular for me are always filled with lots of delicious food, celebrations, family, friends, travels, etc. With September creeping up and summer slowly starting to wind down my body was in need of a reboot. I was so excited to find out a local organic juicery opened up near me called Nature Pressed Juicery. I love seeing more health and wellness spots pop up in my area! I was even more excited to collaborate with them and experience their juices to do an honest review on the blog. When I found out Nature’s Pressed is committed to sourcing as local as possible, I was sold. Some produce, such as tropical fruits (pineapple), are not as easy to source locally in BC, but they stay committed to sourcing only the best quality for their customers, and it definitely shows through because the juices taste amazing! Nature Pressed juices are cold-pressed and unpasteurized, meaning the ingredients in the juice don’t process through high heat temperatures which can cause the nutritional value to denature.


I personally love the effects of juice cleansing! I do it periodically to give my digestion a break and to help fight off inflammation. I always feel more clear minded and better connection with myself after the day or two I take to myself to cleanse. I choose a 1 or 2 day cleanse because that’s what works for me, it’s enough for me to reboot my body and my mind. Cleansing helps me regain awareness of what I am putting in my body and how it makes me feel, it ultimately helps me reconnect my mind and body. I always feel inspired post-cleansing to continue on my healthy lifestyle journey because of how much physical and mental clarity I feel afterward. A positive mind and body will only encourage your motivation to continue practicing healthy lifestyle habits.

My personalized science-based 2 day juice cleanse that focused on enrichment to help combat inflammation, ease digestion, and boost energy.



I spread my juices throughout the day depending on how my day is planned. I did a 2 day cleanse this time and I did not have much going on either of the days. It was easy for me to spread them out and take it easy. Whenever I’m juice cleansing I like to make sure I don’t have a lot going on so I can be present and avoid feeling burnt out.

On the first day I woke up around 7:30AM and started the day with the Power Kick (around 8:00AM), and it was extremely revitalizing! Not to mention the ingredient combination in that particular juice is amazing. About an hour and a half later I drank the Red Alert (around 9:30AM) which I also really enjoyed because I love beets, especially when they’re mixed with lemon and ginger, it’s the ultimate anti-inflammatory concoction! An hour later I drank the Gold Rush (around 10:30AM) which was THE BOMB. Seriously. I linked each juice’s details above in the lists, so make sure to check them out because I can honestly tell you I genuinely loved every single juice from both days! The Almond Mylk (around 1:00PM) is incredible, I’ve never tried fresh made almond mylk that tastes as good as this one. The ingredients in it are also simply delicious and I found it quite filling and nourishing. I was provided with 2 Almond Mylk’s per day and didn’t drink the second one until hours later (closer to 5:00PM) because it was very satiating. I ended the day with Get Ink’d (around 7:30PM) and I was a huge fan of this one because I do enjoy an activated charcoal drink from time to time and that’s one of the many fantastic ingredients it contained.

All the juices have different “add ons” in them, which I found very unique. For example, the Almond Mylk had maca and vegan protein as an add on, while the Red Alert had grapeseed and acai berry as an add on. I did drink water throughout both days, however I do find I drink a little less water when I’m juice cleansing which is normal because the juices do have some water content.

Day 1 felt pretty easy and I felt good! I took a 25 minute walk outside in the morning and spent the rest of my day absorbing every minute of relaxation. Toward the end of the day I did feel a slight headache which is expected, but it didn’t last long. Day 2 was pretty similar to day 1 in terms of how I spread out my juices, the only difference was two of my juices were different. The Kale-ifornia Dreamin’ (rich in anti-inflammatory properties) and the Pineapple Express were two new ones and they were both so tasty! Pineapple express was my favourite one from day 2, it consists of orange, pineapple, carrot, ginger, and has camu camu and chia seeds as “add ons”. Seriously, so citrusy and delicious!

I didn’t feel any headache on day 2 at all. Mid-day hunger was kicking in a bit, but once I drank the Almond Mylk it went away, as I mentioned before, it’s quite filling. I woke up feeling energetic so I went out for a low intensity hike and found I was fine! I love getting out in nature in the morning, it’s a great way to begin the day on a positive note and a great way to clear your mind. I made sure to keep hydrated and I had 2 juices in me prior to the hike. I think it’s important to listen to your body, not only when cleansing, but at all times. If you’re feeling energized take advantage of it by getting things done and doing things that make you feel good. On days you’re feeling tired, take it easy and look at it as a way your body is telling you to rest.


  1. Take it easy. I take the time to really slow down and chill out when I’m cleansing. I still get some movement in because I don’t like to just sit around, but I don’t workout intensely. I’ll do more relaxing activities like going for a leisure walk or an easy hike in nature, or I’ll do some stretch yoga. Moving my body makes me feel good and it’s important to me to get some form of movement in daily.
  2. Ease into cleansing. If your diet contains high amounts of animal products, try slowly reducing the amount of animal products you eat first and replace them with more plant based whole foods. This way when you begin your cleanse it wont be as big of a shock to your system.
  3. Cleansing puts your body into a detoxification process, therefore there will be some side effects of detoxing such as irritability, fatigue, headache, blemishes, hunger. It’s really dependent on what your diet was like before. For example, if your diet consists of highly processed foods, you could experience some withdrawal symptoms. This is why it’s important to prepare yourself ahead of time physically and mentally.
  4. Remember WHY you started! The benefits of cleansing are many; improved digestion, mental clarity, increased vitality, clearer skin, loss of water weight, fat burning, an overall body-mind connection and sense of well-being are only a few of the many benefits juicing can deliver. Keep positive and remember your why.
  5. Find a quality provider that uses sustainable and local ingredients. I would also suggest finding a place that does juice cleanse packages, especially if it’s your first time juice cleansing. What I loved so much about Nature Pressed Juicery is that they provide you with a dietary assessment sheet for their Registered Dietitian, Jessica to look over so she can create your personalized juicing package curated carefully and specifically to your health needs and concerns. This way your body is getting exactly what it needs. She also sends you some great nutrition tips!


After a cleanse, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ve given your digestive system a long break, so make sure to ease back into solid foods. Click HERE for Registered Dietitian Jessica’s top 5 tips post juice cleanse.

“Your juice, your way” – NPJ

I hope you enjoyed today’s post on juice cleansing and my experiences with it! Have you ever done a juice cleanse before? What worked or didn’t work for you? Comment below to share your experiences. Cheers to a happy and healthy day!

Jenna XO

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